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We live in a world where nimble is better than big and fast is better than slow. The world of PRASASTHA, and the way we do things, reflects that. As a specialist recruitment firm (rather than being a broader based generalist) we’re able to respond quickly and highly effectively to changes in the “people and skill needs” of our niche client base. We work extremely closely with all of our clients to ensure we are as aware as possible of their circumstances, often enabling us to anticipate workforce demand ahead of “getting the call”. By pro-actively positioning ourselves as a truly informed business partner, PRASASTHA has become the preferred recruitment firm to many of the UK’s most successful businesses (large and small). We work hard at developing and maintaining healthy and regular lines of communication leading to an often “up close and personal” relationship with our candidates and our clients. Once you’ve had your first PRASASTHA experience you’ll know exactly what we mean and how valuable that relationship is.


Prospective employers simply can’t afford to waste time. We understand that they have to be time effective and use every minute of the day economically. So it follows, that they won’t want to have “unsuitable” or “poorly screened” applicants put forward to them by the agency they retain. All of the consultants at PRASASTHA spend a great deal of time and effort to preparing those individuals we truly feel are suitable for the position available. What that means is that you are presented with the best candidate, the real person – but at their best!


Interviews can be extremely daunting for a lot of people. Even the most talented and potentially ideal candidate can “fluff” the interview, leading to a two-way loss of opportunity. By helping candidates with their presentation and interview skills, you’re more likely to be able to genuinely and easily identify the talent you’re looking for - and ultimately make the right selection.