Interview Techniques
Interview Techniques
Just a little preparation goes a long way in an interview situation. Taking time out before going face to face will really pay off and increase your chances of getting that job you want!

Familiarise yourself with the job description and make sure that you want it. Otherwise you will be wasting your own time and that of the interviewer. Do your homework before going to interview. The more information you have regarding any potential employer the better. Look up the company website so that you can demonstrate your interest during the interview . Make a list of any pertinent questions you may wish to ask.

Prepare to sell yourself. Make sure you are prepared to emphasise which skills are relevant to a particular job. Ensure that you dress professionally and smartly. No trainers, jeans or sweatshirts! First impressions do count and can determine the whole tone of the interview. A firm positive handshake will also impress your interviewer as will good eye contact and a friendly smile.

Arrive on time. Ensure beforehand that you are familiar with your interview location and always allow extra time just in case! If you are taking any paperwork to the interview ensure you use a briefcase or folder. Look professional and be professional! Remember the First Impressions Rule. Switch off your mobile. Interviewers rarely hire candidates who are discourteous. Your latest ringtone will not be appreciated halfway through interview.

Go in with the right attitude - Positive and professional. Do not be tempted to boast or talk across your interviewer in your enthusiasm to impress. Being a team player is vital in the majority of roles so be prepared to emphasise your team player skills. Relax! Any interview is a two way process so make it a positive experience and learn from it. No two interviews are ever the same.