CV Tips
Your CV is often the first contact that a potential employer has with you. Therefore it is imperative that you make the right impression, first time.

First and foremost:

tell potential Employers what they want to know! How do you make your CV stand out from that pile on the desk? From an employer’s point of view it will be the CV that states comprehensively what you can bring to a specific role that will stand out. Customize your CV for the job you are after. One size does not fit all - you are an individual.

Include an objective or skills summary:

Your CV needs to gain the reader’s immediate attention. One way to do this is by telling them who you are through an objective or skills summary section. This lets the reader know what you can bring to the table right up front.

Focus on accomplishments rather than job duties:

It is vital that your CV demonstrates how you can benefit the company and illustrates how you have benefited other organizations or solved problems in the past.

Add some hard facts:

Anyone can say that they were successful at a job, but not everyone has the numbers to back up their claims. Include evidence, specific examples, that will make you stand out from the crowd.