Candidate Testing
PreVisor Testing -Tests has been proven over time to accurately identify candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in relation to their knowledge, skills and abilities With various topics related to a particular subject, technology, skill set or job responsibility, these tests use a variety of methods for evaluation including simulations and situational judgment. If required, we conduct in-depth computer-based assessments using this nationally tested and validated assessment and training system for administrative, customer service and IT skills. If candidates are deficient in one or more skills, we offer further in-house training.

Psychometric Testing - We are qualified to conduct occupational tests from the world leader in Psychometric Testing. Reduce the risk of recruitment with verified and measurable occupational tests and assessments to determine a candidate's abilities, skills and compatibility with your company.

In addition to testing our candidates, at the registration stage we vet each one for their eligibility to work in the UK. We require proof in the form of passport, birth certificate and/or National Insurance number. All potential employees are also required to divulge details of unspent criminal convictions.